Daniel Greenberg, een van de oprichters van Sudbury Valley School is overleden. Sudbury Valley is één van de grootste inspiratiebronnen geweest voor democratisch onderwijs in Nederland. Hij is 87 jaar geworden. Dit schreef aero (alternative education resource organisation):

Danny Greenberg, a Sudbury Founder, Has Died

We are very sad to inform our readers that Danny Greenberg, a founder of Sudbury Valley School recently suffered a massive stroke and has died. Ironically, we received this news literally seconds after we released an e newsletter featuring an interview he did with his son, David. There is no way to express our sadness about this or properly state his importance to our movement, which apparently continued through the end of his amazing life.

His family Posted this:
Daniel A. Greenberg
Sept. 28 1934-Dec.2 2021

“It is with heavy heart that I’m announcing that Danny Greenberg has passed away. He died very peacefully, in his own home, holding Hanna’s hand, with family at his side.”